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Lower40 Found Objects is Proof That Old Stuff’s Awesome.

It’s not all about the art — true to Round Top form, Lower40 Found Objects offers an eclectic selection of antiques, decorative objects and fun picks from curator Laurie Lowery’s travels and trips to local auctions. She personally selects the ever-revolving lineup of artifacts, creating a unique shopping experience that delights, inspires and serves as a backdrop for her husband’s colorful artwork.

Lower40 gets its name from an old farm term. The “lower 40” is the part of a farm that isn’t useable as pasture or for crops because of its topography. Just like Laurie and John’s Burton, Texas, property that previously served as a dairy farm, the items she handpicks may have lost their original purpose or luster, but they’re no less beautiful or collectible.

Laurie delights in seeing her antiques, vintage items, housewares and other treasures find new homes with people who love and appreciate their history. (And those who just think they look pretty cool, too.) Visit the Humble Donkey Studio and discover your new favorite found object.