Exclusive to Humble Donkey Studio, Lower40 offers a truly eclectic selection of antiques, decorative objects and really, anything else fun picked while on the road or at local auctions. Laurie Lowery personally curates the ever-revolving lineup of finds that not only creates a unique shopping experience that is always different, but also serves as a great backdrop for her husband’s colorful, rural artwork.

In case you’re wondering, the name Lower40 comes from an old farm term relating to the part of a farm that isn’t useable as pasture or for crops because of its topography.  Just like the acreage Laurie and John purchased in Washington County a few years back, the items she picks may have lost their original purpose or luster, but that makes them no less beautiful or collectible.

She delights in seeing her antique and vintage items find new homes with people who love and appreciate their history – or just think they look cool.  After all, old is the new black!

Watch Laurie talk about Humble Donkey and Lower40!